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What does it mean to be a personal trainer? Honestly…it can mean that you bought a shirt that says personal trainer on the back.

What does it mean to be a certified personal trainer? It means that you read through a thick manual and passed a 300 question exam. Certified personal trainers have an advantage over personal trainers.

Now what does it mean to be a fitness professional? It means you KNOW how to consistently deliver a service through a series of reliable systems that work! People act predictably because you set up your business that way, and you have control over how much you want to grow. Fitness professionals have an advantage over certified personal trainers and this course will show you how.





The BIG Secret


Whether you realize this or not, the day you decided to work in the fitness industry, you became an entrepreneur. Even if you work in a big box gym, you are competing against other businesses(trainers) to have the most success. Personal training certifications are pretty similar across the board so if you want a leg up on your competition you have to be better in other ways. Looks help, but even if you're not a super-model, you can be the go to trainer if you know how to present, sell, and execute. 

To do that, you need a system. Watch this video to learn how these systems can turn you into more than just a personal trainer, but a fitness professional.

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Get done-for-you workouts, learn how to systemize nutrition, sales, personal and group training, and marketing like a machine, and more!

Checkout What's Included Now!

Earn CEUs to keep your certification current for:

ACE - 1.2 CEUs        NASM - 1.2 CEUs
ISSA - 6 CEUs          NSCA - 1.3 CEUs
AFAA - 12 CEUs

Simply complete 60% of the course and get instant access to your certificate. This can be done in about 30 minutes. 

If after 30 days, you feel that this course along with my personal input isn't enough to help you build a 6 figure business and save thousands of dollars along the way, and you haven't yet used the CEU's for your recertification.

I will give you a full refund.. NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

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System 1 - Organization

Get the documents necessary to run an efficient business including: Waivers, contract templates, full workout syllabus, workout sheets to offer live or online training, and a free starter pack to the fitprocalculator to track fitness success.

System 2 - High Level Training

Learn multiple training techniques that get people excited to train with YOU. These techniques will be taught for both groups and one on one training with live examples.  There is also a full library of every exercises in the dumbbells to dollars syllabus including common mistakes clients make, and how to make proper modifications. Perfect for newly certified trainers or uncertified fitness enthusiasts.

System 3 - Nutrition Coaching

Whether you want to offer nutrition coaching as an additional service or part of your program, this will teach you how to coach nutrition to help your client see success. This section includes a comprehensive overview of my fitness pal and also offers diagrams and handouts on how to eat properly.

System 4 - Dominate the Big Box Gym Scene

Everyone has to start somewhere and if you are currently working a a box gym has you prepare to start your own business, this section will teach you how to dominate the gym scene and make the most money possible as an employee including how to get hired, how to sell, and how to be the most recognized person at your gym.

System 5 - Building your business website

Want to put together a website? Not sure how to do it? We've already built one for you! This section will teach you how to get a web hosting service, a URL, and then filling the content of the site will be as simple as Copy and Paste as we've done all your code already. 

System 6 - Leveraging the Internet

When clients are looking for trainers in your area, you should be the first name they see. This section will teach you how to leverage the internet, including social media to get people to find you asnd ask for YOUR services. 

System 7 - Video Promotion

Learn how to give your audience a compelling live showcase with video promotion. Instead of paying hundreds of dollars for someone to put together a promo for you, or putting together a video that scares away clients, this section will teach you to put together promotional material that gets people excited about your business. 

System 8 - Understanding Business Ownership

Do you know anything about accounting? tax deductions? business formation? Creating an auto-billing account that won't charge a crazy amount like paypal? This section is for you. You will learn the back end of making MONEY and taking advantage of all the benefits of owning a fitness business. 

System 9 - Training in a Park

This is the easiest way to transition from being an employee to being a business owner. This section will show you how to start your first business in a park that will make you more money than you ever did in the gym!


Whenever you get stuck you always have direct access to Jonathan FitPro to answer whatever questions you may have which are specific to YOUR situation. You have a lifetime mentor committed to your success. 

Why do YOU need this now?

This is the skillset of a certified personal trainer

Technical Knowledge - 60%  ( You know how to train )
Selling and Closing - 20% (You can repeat a script to a client and convince them to sign up)badcart

People Management - 15% (You can only work well with certain people)
Marketing Savvy - 2% ( You don't get most of your business through referrals)
Business Management - 2% (You're horrible with paperwork and keeping track of your numbers)
This is just enough information to keep you working at a gym as a floor trainer working 8+ hours a day until you body can't take it anymore.

This is the skillset of a Fitness Professional

Technical Knowledge - 20%  ( You know how to train )
Selling and Closing - 20% (You can craft your own script that speaks to how you can help each client individually)goodchart
People Management - 20% (You work with a very broad population of age, interest, and goals)
Marketing Savvy - 20% ( People know who you are without you having to introduce yourself)
Business Management - 20% (You are in control of your business, and how much you're earning)
And you will be able to do everything at a higher level than ever before


 • INCREASED CONFIDENCE - in your training and your ability to run your business

• BETTER ORGANIZATION - in all areas of your life 

MORE TIME - to pursue the other passion in your life (Only you know what it is...your hobby, your family)

• A DISTINCT ADVANTAGE - over trainers who are operating on just certification knowledge



There are a lot of gimmicks and courses out there that will make promises that they can’t keep. I am 100% dedicated to elevating the quality of life for fitness professionals all over the world.

Now I am giving you everything I know. I’m not going to let you waste $2000 on a bootcamp license or $10,000 on a franchise fee. You will learn how to dominate sales in your gym and build your business. I am so confident that this is the only course you’ll ever need to build your fitness business that I’m offering you a 30 day money back guarantee. If after 30 days, you feel that this course along with my personal input isn’t enough to help you build a 6 figure business and save thousands of dollars along the way, and you haven’t yet used the CEU’s for your recertification. I will give you a full refund.. NO QUESTIONS ASKED!


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