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This course is for ALL trainers -- young, old, experienced, and new!

If you work at a box gym, this course will help you to dominate sales and train BETTER
If you want to start a bootcamp or train independently, this course has everything you need!


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"Your chances of success in life and in business can be amplified by having the right mentor. The valuable connections, timely advice, occasional checks -- together with the spiritual and moral guidance you will gain from having a mentor -- will literarily leapfrog you to success."



You get 24 hours worth of video lectures dedicated to:

- Group Training Techniques
- Personal Training Techniques
- Exercise explanation and form     correction
- Nutrition Coaching
- Personal Training/Group
  Sales both for employees and    independent trainers
- Website Building
- How o Run A Fat Loss Contest
- Social Media Presence
- Social Media Marketing
- Business Management
- Automatic Billing
- Location Acquisition
- Equipment Purchasing

You get templates for

-  Personal training /group
   membership contracts
-  Personal training /group
-  30 Day Eating Guide
-  Client Management
-  Personal Training / Group
   Training Digital Workout
-  Fat Loss Contest Point
-  Sales Sheets/Scripts
-  HTML Pre-written Code for
   website building
-  Pre-written Scripts for all
   social media page description
-  8 week pre written workout
Artwork for:
Logo Creation
Flier Creation
Website Building
Social Media Posts


Lifetime Access to Course +
24/7/365 Access to the FitBoss Inner Circle Private Facebook Page to make sure you understand the course material!


Complete course earns
1.9 CEUs for NASM
24 CEUs for ISSA
15 CEU for AFAA
1.5 CEUs for ACE

My NASM Guide which will simplify:

- Anatomy
- Human Movement Science
- Nutrition
- Muscle Imbalance
- Fitness Testing
- Program Design
- Exercise Modalities
- Supplementation
- Special Populations
- Strength Training
- Flexibility Training
- Speed and Agility Training
- Lifestyle Modification and Behavioral Coaching
-50+ Question practice exam to prepare you for the real thing
NASM stands for Not Your Average Study Material 😉

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: I am not even certified yet, is this course good for me?

Answer: I know that you are very focused on learning and that's a great thing, but did you know I became successful with personal training and put together my bootcamp which earned $87K in its first year BEFORE I ever got certified? There's information you need that's not in your manual. And this course will not only simplify what's in your manual, it will teach the most important things that are left out!

Question: How long will it take to get through the course?

Answer: This is a VERY robust course, and I add new information all the time But you can drastically improve your earning potential within 3 months.

Question: I am in the process of applying to gyms, should I wait until I get hired?

Answer: Guess what? This course will get you hired quicker! I have a section on how to land your first big box gym job as well as how to set up your resume. Getting a job will be easier when you have the right tools and steps.

Question: I hate our personal training meetings because I struggle with sales and feel like the pressure is always on. Will the Dumbbells to Dollars course make me a better salesperson?

Answer: Absolutely! I remember those days, it sucked to be singled out as the trainer that couldn't sell. This course covers how to approach clients, how to set up an area in the gym so clients approach YOU. I wrote out the exact words to say in the comp session phase, how to overcome objections, the exact workouts that will get them excited about training, and the perfect way to go over rates with confidence. You will become a sales virtuoso.

Question: I'm not confident with nutrition coaching, how will this course help me?

Answer: There are a lot of nutrition courses on the market that will charge hundreds of dollars for basic information that is most relative to athletes. The nutrition section in this course goes over how to train ANYONE from lay person to high performer with a simple to understand system. You will also learn how to run fat loss contests will will accelerate results, which will in turn give you more social proof, which will help you get more clients

Question: I'm confident in training but I don't know anything about getting clients to trust me.

Answer: That makes sense, certification don't teach you how to be a businessperson. But I do...I'll cover what to say, how to say it, how to respond to objections, how to upsell and how to close

My Promise To You
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